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Silk Scarf - Angela Clark Boutique

Silk On Silk

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 Silk on Silk 

There is something so alluring about the look, feel and touch of silk . 

I photographed and designed this scarf after playing around with textures and colours of some lush Dupion silk .

I just loved how the light played with the cream silk underneath the glorious blue . Of course the incredible vintage brooch used as the centre piece plays a huge part in this design , too.

The brooch is now in my collection , but I purchased on a trip to New York for the incredible collection of Carole Tanenbaum.

Carole’s collections have been made into entire books on costume jewellery that I have spent many hours thumbing through and drooling over ….. so to  see and try on some of her collection up close was just heaven .

Give any outfit a pop with this glorious scarf !

All of out scarves are printed on the finest 100% silk fabric and receive a high quality hand-rolled finish .

The signature of luxurious silk accessories .

Measures 90 x 90 cm’s  ( 36 x 36 inches )



Silk Twill……

Twill is a type textile weave that creates a pattern of diagonal parallel lines.The shine that’s so very inherent in silk fabrics has a subtle shimmer in Twill .

Slightly thicker than other weaving techniques, which makes it highly stable and long-lasting.

A new woven silk twill scarf though soft should be worn to improve its softness .