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Silk Scarf - Manhattan Marvel

Silk Scarf - Manhattan Marvel

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Manhattan Marvel

There’s something magical about New York - it’s the kind of city that feels like wherever you cast your eyes there’s something interesting to see - even the trash cans and fire hydrants have an aesthetic kind of grunginess to them, and when New York is actually trying to be beautiful? Her urban glory will stop you in your tracks. 

I always love visiting all the galleries - the smaller and more obscure the better, there always seems to be a new crop of them every time I visit. A well beloved favourite of mine is the MAD (Museum of Art and Design). It’s always so relaxing to look through the dozens and dozens of drawers they have there filled with the most beautiful and inspirational jewellery pieces and other treasures. It’s the sort of place where you can feel your creative batteries recharging - I have spent many a glorious afternoon there.

In their foyer they have the most breathtaking piece of stained glass - it’s called “Seeing is Believing” by the incredible Judith Schaechter. When the sun hits it just right it fills the whole room with rainbows. 

I snapped a picture of a corner of it and as soon as I saw what I’d gotten I knew I had to see it on silk.  That’s how this beautiful scarf got created - it’s a little bit of the magic of the Big Apple that you can carry wherever you go. 

All of out scarves are printed on the finest 100% silk fabric and receive a high quality hand-rolled finish .

The signature of luxurious silk accessories .

Measures 90 x 90 cm’s  ( 36 x 36 inches )

Silk Twill……

Twill is a type textile weave that creates a pattern of diagonal parallel lines.The shine that’s so very inherent in silk fabrics has a subtle shimmer in Twill .

Slightly thicker than other weaving techniques, which makes it highly stable and long-lasting.

A new woven silk twill scarf though soft should be worn to improve its softness .

100% Luxury Silk 


Czech Glass Beads

9ct Gold plated Sterling Silver

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