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Blessed Sinner

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 Blessed Sinner

This amazing vintage sign is in Hells’ Kitchen in New York - a fire-and-brimstone street preacher founded a mission there in 1945  - he was called “The Bishop of Wall Street” and was well known for his high-volume admonishments at passers by! 

The building still houses a resource centre for the homeless, and while they’re taking a far more modern approach to their work these days - this sign is way too much of a beloved neighbourhood icon to take down. 

It’s been featured in countless tv shows and movies - and in one very special silk scarf. I spent many hours staring at this sign from one of my favourite west side eateries and it always made me smile. Perhaps it’s a little blasphemous of me, but I took the message in a rather more hopeful light than it was intended, I think. 

After all, it was Mae West who said “(when forced to choose) between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before!” 

If you love a bit of an irreverent twist to your fashion, you’re going to love this sinfully gorgeous scarf. 

All of out scarves are printed on the finest 100% silk fabric and receive a high quality hand-rolled finish .

The signature of luxurious silk accessories .

 Measures 90 x 90 cm’s  ( 36 x 36 inches )



Silk Twill……

Twill is a type textile weave that creates a pattern of diagonal parallel lines.The shine that’s so very inherent in silk fabrics has a subtle shimmer in Twill .

Slightly thicker than other weaving techniques, which makes it highly stable and long-lasting.

A new woven silk twill scarf though soft should be worn to improve its softness .

100% Luxury Silk