The Stellar Scarf - Angela Clark Boutique
The Stellar Scarf - Angela Clark Boutique

The Stellar Scarf

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The Narrow Sister Stellar Scarf 


I’ve had trouble giving this incredible multi-purpose piece of jewellery a name......

Is it a necklace, a scarf, a belt, a shrug or even headwear???

It is all of these things !!!

This fabulous length of Czech glass bead hand stitching can be any of these things above.

It is a stellar, universal , multi purpose unique must have for any wardrobe.

The  Narrow Sister Stellar Scarf  Is the same length but only 7 cm’s wide 

Measuring 120 cm’s long and 7 cm’s wide .

It has a certain weight about it because the beads are glass,but when worn it feels light and effortless to wear...... the open stitching allows for movement and the ability to thread the silk through any place along the scarf.


This piece comes complete with the Dupion Silk multi purpose tie.

Metallic Bronze 

Complete with Toffee coloured  Dupion Silk ribbon