I'm Angela Clark, the founder and CEO of Angela Clark, a Couture Jewellery Brand based in Melbourne. Since 2006, I've been passionately creating one-of-a-kind couture jewellery pieces that celebrate a woman's individuality and can be worn daily.

My signature style is playful and vibrant, and I take great pride in handcrafting each piece myself, ensuring the highest quality and uniqueness for my clients. Through my creations, I aim to represent their distinctive personalities and style stories.

Life is my inspiration, and I'm a natural storyteller. I love weaving narratives and treasures into my jewellery and accessories, taking my clients on a memorable journey. I share the joy of my travels while sourcing every bead and component and the design inspiration behind each piece.

I cater to confident, curious, and independent women like you who understand the value of exceptional design that complements their uniqueness. You know the thrill of accessorizing and expressing your attitude and personality through your authentic style.

With me, you'll never wait for the perfect occasion to wear my accessories because every moment in your life is perfect for embracing your true self.

It's a pleasure to connect with you here. Feel free to browse my store and explore my creations. These are the accessories you can build your wardrobe around. So, what are you waiting for?

Angela 💎x

the boutique

569 Nicholson Street
Carlton North VIC 3068

Saturday 10am - 4.00pm