About Angela Clark


I’m Angela, founder and CEO of Melbourne based Couture Jewellery Brand Angela Clark.

In 2006 I opened my first Boutique and was inspired to create truly unique couture jewellery pieces that reflect a woman’s individuality and that can be worn everyday .

My style is unmistakably, playful and colourful .
Each piece is handcrafted by me, using my own two hands from start to finish, this ensures the highest quality pieces and uniqueness, giving my clients jewellery that represents their individual personality and style story.

I’m a lover of life and a natural storyteller that loves to weave stories and treasures into my jewellery and accessories.

I love to take each client on a memorable journey where I can recount the joy of my travels involved in sourcing each bead and component and the design inspiration that has lead to creating each piece.

My clients are confident, curious, independent women like you , who know the value of great design combined with a striking style that compliments your uniqueness.

You know the excitement when you accessorise, you know that uplifted feeling of expressing your attitude and personality through your authentic style .

You know that waiting for the perfect occasion to accessorise is crazy because every occasion in your life is the perfect time .

It’s a pleasure to meet you here.
Browse my store, shop my creations.

These are accessories that you can build your wardrobe around.
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