Art for Well-being and Connection 

In our day-to-day survival, creativity is often overlooked and undervalued. All too often, we think that to be creative, we must be gifted in some formal art practice. I aim to challenge that notion.

Within each of us lies creativity. Cooking, gardening, writing, crafts of any description, even rearranging furniture to create a more comfortable space are expressions of creativity.

I specialize in helping women from all walks of life unlock their creativity, drawing on nearly 20 years of experience working with children, youth, and women of all ages. My focus is on working with women with Psycho Social Disabilities, supported by NDIS funding, guiding them to unlock and develop their unique creative style.

I create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can work at their own pace and, most importantly, enjoy what they learn.

Having had the privilege of witnessing numerous lives uplifted and changed through the power of creativity and connection, I invite you to reach out if you would like more information about having a workshop schedule tailored for yourself or someone you know.