The benefits of Silk Face Masks

Stepping in the world of selling masks is something I wasn’t sure about, after all, I’m a jewellery designer... but the more we had to wear masks, the more it became apparent to me how important it is that they feel good on your skin, the importance of the breathability and comfort, how important they protection they offer is when wearing them to help stop the spread of COVID - 19 and of course how important it is that they look absolutely stylish.

There’s a lot of information that has emerged about masks, so I have done some research and am happy to say that the silk masks I am selling don’t only look fabulous, but they are extremely high quality.

Silk is natural, soft and breathable and feels smooth against your face, unlike other fabrics freeing you from any discomfort while wearing. Silk is also cooling on the skin, therefore, providing maximum comfort as well as maximum style... especially my favourite one with my signature floral design! 

Our silk masks have three layers of pure mulberry silk with a pocket for your interchangeable filter for anyone wanting extra protection.

They have adjustable elastic ear loops that can be fastened with a toggle and wire across the nose.

Silk masks are easily washable by hand and dry in no time, making them a breeze to care for.

 So why choose silk face masks...

  • Compared to cotton and polyester, silk is the most hydrophobic barrier to droplets - this means it is resistant to the penetration of small and aerosolized water droplets, an important avenue for the transmission of COVID- 19
  • Silk is more breathable than other fabrics that are prone to trap humidity and silk can reduce the risk of skin barrier impairment.
  • Silk masks are reusable via cleaning and maintain its hydrophobicity and integrity despite repeated washes.
  • Silk naturally has antimicrobial, ie. antiviral and antibacterial properties. This is thought to be due to the presence of copper a compound which animals naturally incorporate into their silk and know to have antimicrobial activity.

A great tip I’ve found when wearing a mask, especially if you feel a little claustrophobic in them like I do is to put some lavender oil under your nose. Because I have that beautiful scent to smell it helps me slow my breathing a little and then I’m as right as rain for my walk!

You can view and purchase our designs here

Xx Angela

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