Home Decor - Vintage ‘Bejeweled’ Art

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      These fabulous vintage jewellery manufacturers prototypes are from my very own ‘jewellery pick’ in New York .

      Normally I’m just ‘picking’ for beads and jewellery parts when I’m in this warehouse but on the 2nd day in the warehouse I actually noticed these and by the 3rd day I’d filled my 3rd suitcase full .

      The story goes - that these are the sample pieces, prototypes for jewellery designs that are for the manufacturers to follow , way before computers and automation came along .

      Each component of a design is on these rough cut pieces of timber some with brass backing some without . I immediately pictured them as decorative art …. jewellery art, little slices of history - so home they came with me .

      These pieces will NEVER be available again .

      Perfect for creating a decorative look in your home .

      Each piece is in its original ‘found’ condition.

      Circa 1930-50