Ethical Practice

Sustainable practice 


Sustainability is the capacity to endure in all areas, human, social, economic and environmental 


We put sustainability and ethical practice at the core of everything we do


Supply chain.


When choosing materials to use in my jewellery making, I buy from glassmakers that use proven sustainable practices and age-old traditions. 


I buy vintage and antique stock. 


I purchase from and support makers in Ethiopia that are using recycled bullet cartridges and other recycled metals to make beads and crosses.


Silk has an incredibly low environmental impact, and in its natural form is 100% biodegradable. Our silk makers use environmentally safe non-toxic inks, to keep waterways and 


We handpick our artisans in Pakistan for our embroidery. We aim to help further their learning so they will have more employment opportunities in the future and are paid a living wage for their work.