Our Story

Angela Clark is a boutique jewellery brand, founded by Melbourne jewellery designer, Angela Clark.

In 1996, Angela Clark was inspired to create modern heirlooms and her instantly recognizable, one-of-a-kind jewellery. Shortly after, she opened up a store in Fitzroy, where she quickly grew her client list within the local community.

Over time, the Angela Clark brand was officially born!

With our delicate designs, we consistently created our jewellery which resonated emotionally with our clients. With each piece handcrafted, our jewellery represents an individual personality. At its core, the brand is inspired by individual beauty, craftsmanship and creating custom-made jewellery to tell stories through the generations. Our luxury accessories are designed to make a statement and to be treasured for an eternity.

Our Head Designer loves to bring life to old forgotten pieces. With expert craftsmanship, she creates a new story, weaving together past rarity and beauty with modern elegance and individuality.

We are most celebrated for combining old treasures or heirloom pieces with carefully sourced pieces to create a distinctive design. We have an eye for unusual items, sourcing contemporary and rare beads from around the world, to produce pieces that create a talking point and give old treasures a new life.

Angela Clark is a natural storyteller, and takes each client on a memorable experience, where she recounts the joy of her travels involved to find each rare find, and the enjoyment she had in creating each bespoke piece.

Our focus is on creating elegant jewellery for everyday wear and special occasions. 
Our clients are women of style, elegance and flair from all walks of life . Women who care about making a difference in their own lives while helping unique businesses to thrive.

We also cater to television and theatre stars, fashion stylists and designers and superstars within the music industry.

We have designed a stunning bespoke beaded jacket for Kate Ceberano for her Apia Good Times tour. We have also created jewellery that has been worn by:

  • Bonnie Anderson at the 2013 Aria Awards;
  • Kitty Flanagan at the TV Week Logie Awards;
  • Kelebek (from X-Factor) in her music video and;
  • several other local Australian celebrities such as Alyce Platt, Soli Tesema (The Voice Australia), Joe Camilleri.

Recently we worked with J’Aton Couture to create a beaded necklace for Beyoncé to wear with a J’Aton Couture dress for a music performance.

Our creations have featured internationally in Vogue Italia, Tribu-Te and Schön magazines (UK), and throughout Australia in various editorials for the AGE newspaper, Karamel Magazine and Matilda De Bati Magazine. In addition, Angela Clark has also appeared on ABC radio and various events for Melbourne Fashion Week.

In 2019 an 2020 our new collections featured at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), as part of a Planet Fashion TV show. Planet Fashion TV is a half hour syndicated series which is broadcast in the USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Colombia, France, Germany, Russia and Australia. Coverage includes fast segmented stories on art, luxury products, fashion and cultural trends around the world.