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Iris …….. 

This  fabulous scarf has been designed using a brooch that belonged to Iris Apfel .

In the summer of 2018 I had whizzed to New York to hunt for vintage treasure in my favourite places and to try to work out where my jewellery fitted in over there…..little did I know what the universe had lined up for me that trip …..

I had met up with a women I’d only known on Social Media and it was suggested I go to this huge vintage fair where I’d be able  to meet her.

As everyone was busy setting up stands , Iris appeared to oversee her own display. Surrounded by minders everyone that tried to approach her were swiftly ushered away . My new friend gave me a nudge and said “ I met her yesterday she’s lovely, just go introduce yourself.

I did ….. and I was allowed time with her …. I couldn’t believe my luck .

I purchased the brooch from her treasured collections and now an image of the larger than life vibrant pink brooch adorns two slightly different versions of the Iris Scarf ….

Divine Inspiration indeed .

All of out scarves are printed on the finest 100% silk fabric and receive a high quality hand-rolled finish .

The signature of luxurious silk accessories .


Measures 90 x 90 cm’s  ( 36 x 36 inches )

Silk Twill……

Twill is a type textile weave that creates a pattern of diagonal parallel lines.The shine that’s so very inherent in silk fabrics has a subtle shimmer in Twill .

Slightly thicker than other weaving techniques, which makes it highly stable and long-lasting.

A new woven silk twill scarf though soft should be worn to improve its softness .

100% Luxury Silk