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Silk Scarf - The Sacred Matrix Collection

Silk Scarf - The Sacred Matrix Collection

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The Sacred Matrix …….

My love of Ethiopia runs deep there is no secret there . My travels to work with women there have been transformative for them and me .

Until visiting Ethiopia I did not fully understand the symbolism of the cross  to their Christian Culture .

I’ve named this collection The Sacred Matrix  because in Ethiopian tradition the cross has been referred to by some as the Sacred Matrix that encompasses life and it is the social and cultural nexus with which people interact, shaping and expressing identity and hope.

I  wanted to express on silk the incredible connection to something , outside of ourselves that helps us to feel connected in this ever changing world .

There are Five designs in this collection.

The images are of Crosses I’ve  brought home from Ethiopia . The crosses are handcrafted using recycled bullet cartridges , the production of these support small rural communities in Ethiopia that I’ve been fortunate to meet.

The stylised designs are  markedly distinct from other European Christian crosses and represent different areas of Ethiopia . Some of the crosses pictured are processional crosses while other have been designed to wear as pendants. 

Adorn yourself today in one of these beautiful scarves today ,  you’ll  have an amazing story around your neck !

*All of out scarves are printed on the finest 100% silk fabric and receive a high quality hand-rolled finish .

The signature of luxurious silk accessories .

Measures 90 x 90 cm’s  ( 36 x 36 inches )


Silk Twill……

Twill is a type textile weave that creates a pattern of diagonal parallel lines.The shine that’s so very inherent in silk fabrics has a subtle shimmer in Twill .

Slightly thicker than other weaving techniques, which makes it highly stable and long-lasting.

A new woven silk twill scarf though soft should be worn to improve its softness .



Czech Glass Beads

9ct Gold plated Sterling Silver

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